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1 in 12 men and 1 in 200 women are affected by color blindness.
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Color Blind Test info: This fairly common condition often goes undiagnosed, because you do not realize you aren’t seeing colors as other people do. Yet testing for color blindness is simple — doesn’t even require a trip to the doctor.

Simply look at the symbols below and enter the numbers that you can see. You’ll get an instant result that will help you if you are struggling with color blindness, and which colors are more problematic.

Note: this is test is based off the standard Ishihara color plate test

This color vision test, known as the Ishihara Test, makes numbers out of dots that are a different color than the dots surrounding them. Someone who is color blind sees all of these dots as the same color, whereas someone with normal vision can distinguish the different colors. Ishihara Test a type of Color Blind Test is a fast and simple way to determine whether or not you are struggling.

Color Blind TestColor Blind Testsishihara-color-plate-testColor Blind Test or the Ishihara test contains a number of colored plates, known as Ishihara plates. All of the plates contain a circle of dots appearing in random order of color and size. Most people will view the images differently (mostly Arabic numbers). Those with certain types of color blindness will see different numbers from those not affected by color blindness.

A color code happens when there is some information in the color of items being analyzed. These codes cannot be easily explained by those who have color blindness. This is the main reason why color should not be the sole criteria to provide information. The ideal way to avoid color-coding or color differences is to use Good graphic design to give information. This not only helps the color blind people but is also helpful to the normal vision people.
External info: Ishihara test Wikipedia

Look at the pictures below, and enter the numbers that you see in the corresponding boxes.*

Ishihara Test Image 7

Ishihara Test Image 6

Ishihara Test Image 26

Ishihara Test Image 15

Ishihara Test Image 6

Ishihara Test Image 73

Ishihara Test Image 5

Ishihara Test Image 16

Ishihara Test Image 45

Ishihara Test Image 12

Ishihara Test Image 29

Ishihara Test Image 8

Do you need to pass a color vision test for your job or licensing?
Are you concerned about your results?
Did you struggle to see several of the numbers?
Did you find yourself guessing instead of confidently entering the answers?

If the test shows that you may be color blind, and you feel that color blindness is affecting your everyday life, then there is good news for you. Color blindness treatment is available to help you see the full range of colors that other people see and can guarantee the passing of the Ishihara Color Plate Test!

The ColorCorrection System™ from ColorMax offers an easy, personalized solution to the problem of color blindness. This system has helped thousands of people just like you overcome color blindness and the challenges it can cause. Whether you have known for a long time that you are color blind or just found out using this test, there is a solution. Reach out to our team today to learn more about the ColorCorrection system and how it can help you see colors clearly again.

*This online color vision test is not a color vision evaluation to determine if one is truly color blind or color deficient. This online test can help determine if one may have a color vision deficiency. For a proper color vision evaluation please contact our office or your local eye care provider.