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Real Life Stories

Living life with Color Vision Lenses | See What Our Patients Have to Say

A few words from our satisfied color blind patients that have traveled around the globe to visit Colormax.

Dear Dr. Azman,

Here is the review of one of the most important days of my life.

What a life changing experience! I must admit I was a little skeptical when I heard about the colour corrective process offered by Dr. Azman, as most people would be when reading about colour corrective lenses. I must say that from the moment I set foot in the Colormax office, all my doubts and fears stayed at the door. Dr Azman is the most amazing and passionate person I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

From the very beginning I was very well informed and briefed about what we were about to do for the day and how it would all workout. Before doing all the colour vision testing, the first step is to do a full eye examination, to make sure everything else is ok with your eyesight and eyes, which is amazing. Afterwards, I spent the majority of the day with Joanne, who guided my through all the extensive testing and helped me with everything she could. What an incredible person Joanne is, the care she had for me was something out of this world, always made me feel comfortable and confident about the process. She really made me feel like my mom makes me feel, cared and the centre of the world. After a lunch break we continued with some more colour vision testing, it does sound extensive but it is really important that you are completely focused throughout the tests, because that is what will determine the type of lenses you actually need to correct your colour vision.

After all the testing, it came the hardest portion of the day. I opted for the colour vision contact lenses but I had never used contact lenses before, so I had to learn. Joanne was the one teaching me everything there is to know about contact lenses and all the care you need to have with them. I must confess it was a little bit tricky and I could never have done it without Joanne. I can not say this enough, what an amazing person she is. Joanne had so much patience with me, I really don´t how she put up with me but she did get me to put contact lenses on and off within the hour. It is all about controlling your impulses, because after all you are trying to tell your brain that it is ok to poke your eyeball and it takes sometime to get used to, but you will do it eventually.

After the learning session it was time to see colour for the first time. Before putting the colour corrective lenses on, Dr. Azman gave me some frames with the colour corrective lenses I needed and we went through all the tests. I was amazed to pass all the colour vision testing I was never able to pass before, an experience I can hardly describe in words. The last step was to put the colour corrective contact lenses and after they adjust to your eyes, the amount of colour you see is just mesmerizing and out of this world. You finally get to see colour and how bright and colourful the world actually is.

I cannot recommend Colormax enough, I am so happy I took the trip to Baltimore. It is definitely a day I will never forget. To Dr. Azman, Joanne and the entire staff, I have nothing but appreciation for what you have done for me and all the amazing possibilities you gave me. Really hope more and more people have the opportunity to meet such passionate and caring individuals. Thank you so very much!”

Once again, thank you so much for everything!

Martim C. – Lisbon, Portugal

Dear Dr. Tom. And his wonderful, incredible staff,

There are not enough words to say Thank You for all you have done for my son Vito. I must say I was a little leery doing all of this from information I found on the internet. Our experience at Azman Eye Care was impeccable, incredible, beyond any expectations we had before arriving at your facility. Just a quick update on Vito’s accomplishment, he passed the Ishihara test with flying COLORS! The doctor’s here in Chicago were amazed at the results, and I must say it left them speechless. They could not believe the difference and asked him to perform the other tests (off the record) just as back-up proof. After passing that test with absolutely no problems, the specialist here brought in his colleagues and examined Vito’s eyes under the microscope, and then they proceeded to walk him around the office saying, what color is this… So needless to say we are very grateful to have found you and enjoyed our entire experience at your office. Vito is now just waiting to hear what date he reports to the Police Academy. Thanks again, and we hope to visit you again in the future.


Dear Dr. Azman and Staff,

I have worked in the riverboat industry for about ten years. I was finally promoted to the pilothouse, and trained as an apprentice mate for 18 months.. However, when it came time for me to apply for my mates license, and get a huge raise in pay, the doctors said I couldn’t because I was color blind. You can not get a license from the Coast Guard if you are color blind. You can only imagine how disappointed I was. That was until I found you. So found you online, made an appointment, and paid a visit to your office. After your thorough examination, you prescribed me a pair of contacts that helped me pass the Ishihara Color Plate Test with flying colors. I scored 100%. I even had to take the test again a month later because the company I work for could not believe that I could pass the test. We sure proved them wrong. So after a decade of hard work, and a few road blocks, I was finally promoted to the pilothouse as a Licensed Mate of Towing Vessels, and received a $34,000 a year raise. After one year, I will be able to upgrade my license to a Master of Towing Vessels and receive another raise. I couldn’t have done it without the help from you and your wonderful staff On a more personal note, I want to thank you and your staff for making my visit to your office a very pleasant experience. My wife and I were treated like family. It was the best visit to a doctor’s office we have ever experienced. In closing, I would like to say that the visit to your office was the best investment I have ever made. I want to truly thank you for helping me to view the world in full color. This was a life changing experience for me!

Scott M

Dear Dr. Azman,

I would like to thank you for all of your help, support, and the individualized attention you gave me through the entire colormax process. I’m sorry this letter has taken so long to reach you, but I hope it finds you well. As you may recall, I came in for an appointment in June of 2014 – I was applying for a pilot slot with the Delaware Air National Guard, and through you, I saw a light in a dark in a dark tunnel.

Being a professional pilot has begun to worry me lately, as up until recently, I never knew that I had some issues with color vision testing; it was during the initial testing phase for a Navigator position with the United States Air Force, I learned that I had difficulties passing the red portion of the color vision test. I failed the test, and lost my slot… no words other than devastation and sorrow can describe how I felt: ‘Am I destined to lose my civilian pilot’s medical too? Will I have problems with this in the future? I’m already a pilot now, I have no problems seeing in color, it’s just those stupid tests… I’ve worked so hard to be where I am today, do I have to give everything up now?’ These words continued to echo over and over in my mind. But I was determined – determined to succeed somehow.

Fate must have heard my turmoil, because I was given a second chance with the Delaware Air National Guard; I was told “if you can pass the color vision test, we’ll interview you for a potential pilot slot.” This was a new opportunity that I never thought was never possible, but how? How could I pass a test I knew I had no chance at? I wouldn’t take no for an answer. After a brief google search, I found two promising possibilities: 1, that colorblindness was cured in mice (and male pattern baldness for that matter… another good prospect for me), and 2, there was a color correction system by a doctor in the Baltimore area. ‘This is it,’ I thought, ‘my second chance!’

Unfortunately, this is where my skepticism took hold. ‘How can he guarantee a 100% pass rate? How can someone have figured out a way to counter color vision deficiencies? Is this just another get your money type gimmick like those men’s hair restoration products?’ These thoughts rang through my head as I tried to contemplate the possibility of my dreams being fulfilled without deception. To anyone questioning the validity and sincerity of Dr. Azman, I am here to tell you to question no more:

From the first point I signed up to find out more about the color vision correction system, I was truly humbled to see how much Dr. Azman and his team cared. I scheduled a phone call to discuss the nature of the system, and was contacted soon thereafter by his son: I appreciated the fact that I didn’t feel pressured or overwhelmed at any time, rather the conversation was very relaxed and informal with no obligations. Every question I had was answered, with no dodging or judgment. As a follow up to the initial talk, Dr. Azman himself called me and left his personal cell phone number to contact him at anytime. One would think that in today’s society, someone as seemingly important as Dr. Azman wouldn’t have time, let alone even care, to distribute his personal phone number to someone who’d only expressed an interest; but here, I plainly saw that Dr. Azman only wanted to help (as a testament to his sincerely kind nature). Dr. Azman and his team worked diligently to find an appointment that would fit my schedule. He kept in constant contact with me throughout the entire process, and even picked me up from the train station. No wonder people come to visit him from all over the world.

As for the color vision correction system, how do I say it any other way: it is the real deal! Dr. Azman spent a large part of the day doing tests to ensure I was given the proper contact match. Upon trying on my new color correction contacts for the first time, I was blown away by the changes I saw. A lot of things were subtle, yet extraordinary: blues and purples became richer, reds became brighter, and greens became textured. This new world I was exposed to showed me serene beauty… I was awestruck! The contacts amazingly had the correct color spectrum to allow me to see what I was missing, yet didn’t interfere with my ability to see other colors. Although the contacts initially made everything slightly darker in tint, I soon discovered that like with sunglasses on, my eyes adapted quickly. I couldn’t stop smiling, the technology Dr. Azman had created was so amazing! All I could think was ‘this color correction system is revolutionary, seeing this beautiful world in a new way is like seeing art for the first time. Dr. Azman has pioneered the frontier that is color vision.’ I left that day with my new contacts and an overwhelming sense of joy, coupled with hope for what the future now held. Thanks to Dr. Azman, I felt unstoppable.

When it came time for the real test that I’d failed the first time, I had newfound confidence escorting me the whole way… and with it, I seized my dreams and passed! I was given my pilot slot interview and a renewed hope for the future. Although in the end, I was awarded an alternate position (to which i wasn’t called up), I was invited to both apply again for the pilot slot and for a navigator position as well. Because of the nature of the hiring board, I was up against some fierce competition, but it was comforting to know that my color vision wouldn’t be a factor in their interview. I finally felt like the playing field had been leveled.

Once again, Dr. Azman, thank you for your time, effort, and overwhelming support. Most of all, thank you for giving me the ability to dream big!

Dear Dr. Azman and Staff,,

I would like to thank you for treating me so well during my examination and that I felt very comfortable to know that I was in the care of such professional and personal kindness. I’ve learned so much about my eyes and how to take care of them to ensure the health of my eyes is maintained at the highest level. Before I found Azman Eyecare, I was completely devastated that my dreams were about to fall apart due to a color deficiency that disqualified me from a Navy Scholarship I’ve worked so hard for. The only test I couldn’t study for had me frantically trying to find a way to pass the Ishihara Color Plate test. Of course there were no ways to do so, until I stumbled upon a website that said it was possible to pass using innovative color filters. Immediately I contacted Dr. Azman and suddenly my dreams were restored of going to college without financial struggles and getting back on path to commissioning into the US Navy as an officer. Since receiving treatment, I’m college -bound knowing that whatever medical exams I’m given, color deficiency won’t be an issue. From my experience in Baltimore to walking out the doors of the facility, I was filled with excitement and joy. Once again I would like to thank Dr. Azman and his wonderful staff and that I am on track to pursue my dream of becoming a Naval Medical Officer at the University of Southern California and the knowledge I’ve learned will help me see the world in a positive view and just like the Azman faculty, I will try my best to help those around me to the best of my ability.


Dear Dr. Thomas Azman,

I have to admit, I never actually realized that I was color blind until I was an adult and failed the Ishihara color vision test during a work physical. I had always presumed everyone saw colors just as I did. After some research on the subject, I stumbled across your work and decided it was worth a shot to see if you might be able to help me. Shortly after obtaining an appointment, I made the trek across the country to your clinic. You and your staff were so wonderfully professional, personable, and thorough during my examination and testing. I was extremely appreciative of how well you explained everything to me and answered all of my questions. The greatest moment, though, was when you provided me with the corrective lenses; my world changed. It was nothing short of astonishing. The best analogy I can describe, is like watching a color television with the contrast turned down low where color is simply different shades, dull and lifeless. then having the contrast turned up and suddenly the colors are vibrant and alive. It’s now been about three months since I received my prescription lenses. I passed my most recent work physical Ishihara color vision test with ease. 100%! It’s been incredible to experience seeing the world of color and I am amazed at how much more beautiful the simplest of things truly are; flowers, the sunset, and, as an avid hunter, even camouflage is more colorful than I ever knew. I cannot wait to follow a blood trail with ease like my hunting partners can.

Thank you, for providing me the opportunity to see the effervescent world of color as I had never known. Your progressive work in this field is nothing short of amazing and I appreciate your accomplishments.

Sincerely, Josh

Dear Dr. Azman,

When I found out I had a color deficiency I searched the internet for information on what I could do about it, that’s when I found your web site www.colormax.org. You stated 100% success in passing the Ishihara color plate test. Not only can I pass the test now the brightness of colors is just richer and more vivid. On top all this you diagnosed and corrected a dry eye problem I had for a very long time. Now I feel like I have a new set of eyes. This will have a direct impact on my work and play plus financial security. I would like to thank you and your staff for the very thorough evaluation and hospitality.


Dear Dr. Thomas Azman,

Dear Dr. Azman, I have thoroughly enjoyed using the lenses over the past year. The difference it brings to my perception and, perhaps most importantly, to my generally happiness is astounding and I cannot thank you enough. Perhaps the most enjoyable experience I have had has been watching fireworks. They are no longer purple and green on the fourth of July! I am quite sure that the only times I have ever truly seen Brown and Purple in my life have been while wearing the lenses. I cannot find a comparison in my normal vision to equate these two colors. Thank you once again for the wonderful experience that you have made possible for those of us who have had the fortune to experience your technology.

Warmest Regards,

Jonathan C

I traveled from the West Coast to get the color correction test done. From the first emails and phone calls, they were very professional and friendly. I was very skeptical at first, but after meeting Dr. Thomas and his staff, they made me feel very comfortable with their knowledge and professionalism. Having operating in an environment that required color vision for so long without the correction, although it never came into play (actually having the requirement for color vision), my next career choice needed to be up front and tested for color vision. After a full day of testing, and failing just about every test, I was both discouraged and skeptical that they could help me. As it turns out, the system and test worked. They are true to their world, we first put on the glasses to see the prescription I would be getting, and WOW! Being color deficient for so long, the world looked brighter, more vivid and alive. They provided my wife with a set of glasses to show her I see the world and she was amazed. Her words “your world is muted”. I can’t thank Dr Thomas and his staff enough. Just seeing the worlds colors and how people without color deficiency see it is a gift. The costs and time were more than worth it. Anyone truly interested in color vision correction must visit his office, as he is the inventor and the only person I know of who does this work in the world. Thank you sir for helping me to embark on my next career in life knowing that I can and do pass the color test. The world is full of colors!

“Dr Tom, Having you and Joanne and staff take care of my eyes was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. You and your staff provided a welcoming environment for me, and I am extremely cautious with my eyes. I know I only have one set, being color deficient was hard enough but the uncertainty of the outcome for me was nerve racking. Monday was a very long day and I give props to your work group for the extended time with me (and all of your patients). My eyes were very sore until this morning. I have been using the eye drops your office provided for comfort. I intend on practicing this weekend on putting the practice contacts in and taking them out. I shared my experience with my my whole family and they are very happy for me. My flight home was good, very tight transfer time to the second plane, but I am not complaining. I would like you to pass onto Joanne, and the gal with the curly hair that I paid along with the gal in the little office by the counter for recommending Pappas for the crab cake or roll. I did go there and enjoyed my first one ,along with a ribeye steak and a local beer. I am sure you have heard this before, but your gift and knowledge along with your patience, is a life changer for me my family and all the other patients you have seen before me. I am truly moved and in writing this to you still brings me to my emotions.”

“I traveled from St. Louis, MO to see Dr. Thomas Azman for color vision correction. WOW! What a wonderful man! Dr. Azman and his staff are fantastic! From the personal phone calls to check that I arrived safely at the hotel, to picking me up and dropping me off at the train station. Dr. Azman goes above and beyond for his patients. I have successfully passed all required vision tests for employment with the Department of Homeland Security. Dr. Azman has literally opened a new chapter in my life that was formerly unattainable. I will be forever grateful. STL Dan.”

“I travelled from Australia to Dr Azman. In a nutshell, outstanding service all round, delivered on his promise. The result is continued employment in my field. Thank you Dr Azman and staff for every thing.”

“I felt helpless and angry when I was told I could not become an officer. My eyes are not something I can Control. Fear set in knowing I had to tell my family I would not be able to provide the life I had promised. That fear was soon erased when I talked with Dr. Azman on the phone. He explained I was not color blind but Instead color deficienct. I have not had to use the contacts yet but having piece of mind knowing I can pass any eye test is priceless to me. I wish his color correction system was known to every eye specialist in the country. So that others will know there is hope.”

“Dr Azman is a great man, humble and very honest. Things started between us as an official deals at the beginning and that was throw the phone calls but once I came to his clinic and met him things changed, he was like a big brother made sure he and his staff to comfort me and made me ready for all the tests. He changed my life totally, he told me you will my office this afternoon completely satisfied and he kept his word. I can say that I was born that day, I could see things in a different way. I saw the real colures for many things around me, it was my first time to wear lances and it worked out throw him. I became more confident now and happy about what Im seeing around me. Finally I could start my first step into my dream career to become a pilot. Although I passed the Ishtar plate in front of him but having my class 1 medical test singed by AIM was a felling I can’t talk about or explain here. God bless you doctor and all your kind staff”

I wanted you to let you know that I passed my vision screening yesterday. I can’t thank you enough for all you did including your staff. My son and I really enjoyed our visit out to Maryland. It’s people like yourself that makes the journey of life worthwhile. God bless you and family.

Thanks agaim,

Robert W.,Illinois

Dr. Azman, I just want to say how grateful my wife and I are for the care you have provided Josh. He passed his Physical exam and eye test on Thursday and has a letter from the Police Dept to start the police academy in October. This is the fulfillment of his dream that he has had since middle school.

Your continuing support and responsiveness was a major factor in his success. A caring person is a blessing from God. We wish you the very best and thank you sincerely for helping our son.

Stewart D., North Carolina

“I just wanted to let you know that I successfully passed the standard 14-plate Ishihara test at an occupational medicine facility with the color-correct lenses and this paved the way for a railroad supervisory position with a salary of over $60,000.”

Dr. Azman was a tremendous help to me through my color vision consultation and through the color vision testing for a job in Civil service. He was there to answer any and all questions I had whenever I attempted to reach him. I was fitted for the lenses and they provided me with the vision and confidence needed to pass the color vision test. If not for the consultation and endless communication and support from Dr. Azman, I highly doubt i would have obtained my career position. Thank you Dr. Azman!

Mark R.

“Thank you very much for the opportunity to take advantage of your system. I might add that your commitment to your patients after they have received your care is second to none. God bless you and take care.”

Dear Dr. Tom Azman and Staff,

I would again like to express my gratitude to everyone at the Azman Eye Care Facility. Everyone in the office made me feel right at home from the time I arrived till the time I left the office. First impressions always say a lot about a business and the people who work there. My first impression was the professionalism of the staff and you yourself; it was truly a pleasure to have met you and your staff after our phone conversations. I feel the examination and evaluation I received was far more advanced than any I had previously received anywhere before. It was quite amazing to see colors in a whole new perspective, considering you have seen colors the way you think everyone else is seeing them and then you find out your not. One and a half years have passed since I first contacted you, and how time passes so quickly. My present position at JK Spruce power plant is Auxiliary Operator 3. I am presently training for Turbine Tender which I will test for in May or June. My next step after two years as a Turbine Tender will be Control Room Operator where I will top out in my field. Thanks to you I am becoming very successful in my job and financially successful. If my wife and I would have never searched out there for your help, my family and job security would have been in jeopardy. It was about two months ago when the Plant Operations Chief had the control room page me on my radio. When I talked to my control room operator he told me John wanted to talk to me about my eye condition. I was thinking these guys are never going to give this thing a rest. So I go to his office and he asks me to have a seat. He tells me he has a friend who always wanted to get his pilots license but because of his color blindness he would not be able to. I gave him your number and told him all the different professions you have helped people in. I hope he was able to get the help through you to pursue the one thing he really wants to do. Well that is going to rap it up for now. Karen told me to tell you hello, and we just want to say thank you so very much in helping us achieve this milestone in our lives. I hope you have a blessed and prosperous year. I will try to keep you updated from time to time.


“I again just want to thank you and your staff for all you did with Matt’s color vision… I will never forget all your personal attention that you gave us when we went down to Maryland. If I ever get asked, or know of anyone who needs special help with their vision problems, I will definitely recommend you.”

Dear Dr. Thomas Azman,

Thank you so much for working with me on the color vision correction procedure. I passed my color vision test with no problems and I can now pursue my goal of becoming a Cavalry Officer. With out this procedure I would have never had had this opportunity. I cannot put to words how much this means to me. Thank you again for your time and for working with me. Sincerely,

Justin H

” Chris and I want to thank you for taking the time with us this summer you and your staff are so friendly. Just wanted to let you know he has had his contacts in a few times. He said he was amazed at all of the colors he could see, especially at this beautiful time of the year. We want to thank you again!”

“I would like to take a moment to thank you and Joanne for your attention and exceptional care. I feel as though a 600 pound gorilla has been lifted off my shoulders. I will now be able to support my family without worrying whether I can complete my work physical! For several decades I have had an uncomfortable feeling about my ability to provide for my family. Even though this feeling was not always present, the worry was always near! Once again thank very much for everything. Sincerest Regards “

Dear Dr. Thomas Azman,

I want to thank you gratefully on giving me a perfect opportunity to pass my color vision test. The contacts were a success and therefore, I passed my full medical exam. Your determination and professionalism has allowed me to enhance my career and free my worries about any future vision test. At first, when I found out about my color vision problem I lost hope about any job of my expectation. However, You changed that and therefore you changed me for the better. Thanks again for your dedication!

Thomas H

Dear Dr. Thomas Azman,

I just wanted to let you know that I have completed my classes necessary for my job. The glasses worked wonderfully. I had to retake the Ishihara color plate test for the Coastguard and had absolutely no problems identifying each and every plate. Thank you very much for the opportunity to take advantage of your system. I might add that your commitment to your patients after they have received your care is second to none. God bless you and take care. Sincerely,

Dear Dr. Thomas Azman,

IFirst and foremost, I would like to thank you and your staff for helping me with my inability to see colors. From all the phone calls and emails we exchanged, to picking me up at the train terminal, you and your staff went above and beyond any expectation. You made me feel comfortable with the whole entire process and I want you to know how much that means to me. It was not easy to go hours away from home and have an unusual procedure done with a doctor you have never met in person. Added to that fact was the uncertainly of this procedure actually helping me. When I finally arrived in Maryland, I was still a bit skeptical, but before we even started the evaluation, you took the time to sit down and reassure me that you would be able to correct my problem, and explained how things would go step by step. The actual evaluation was a full day, and at times frustrating due to the fact of uncertainty. You actually explained to me that I had one of the more severe eases that you have seen in dealing with being colorblind. You kept reassuring me though that you would be able to fix this issue and sure enough you did. Not only did you fix my color vision problems, but you also helped with finding me a new brand of contact that wasn’t so irritating to my eyes, and since I have changed over brands, I have noticed a difference. The reason I started searching the web and trying to find assistance with my problem is that I had just graduated college with a degree in criminal justice and most careers in this field require that you be able to see color and differentiate colors. I am from Massachusetts and the test that is required is a number test in a bubble and the numbers to most people stick out and they can see them without a problem. Well that’s for most people, because out of a series of 15 examples I was only able to get 2 of them right before the lenses. Right after I got back to Massachusetts with the lenses, I took the test again and got all 15 examples correct. This was the last step that I needed to get a job that I applied for and got hired; the only reason why I didn’t get the job was due to the fact of being colorblind. Within a month of the process I started my job in corrections in the state of Massachusetts. It has now been 15 months working at a correction facility, and I love my career. The price of these lenses was only a small fee in comparison to not having a career at all. Ever since I was a Small boy I wanted to work in law enforcement, studied it in college and to think without the help of you and your staff my ambitions might have been nothing but dreams, but now I am making them a reality. I don’t think I could thank you enough. You really changed my life and helped me more than you can imagine. Having this procedure done was a very positive thing in my life and can never forgot what you have done for me. I would recommend you to anyone who has a challenge with seeing colors. Thanks again, hope all is well! Sincerely, Matthew C

Gary B

Dear Dr. Thomas Azman,

I want to thank you gratefully on giving me a perfect opportunity to pass my color vision test. The contacts were a success and therefore, I passed my full medical exam. Your determination and professionalism has allowed me to enhance my career and free my worries about any future vision test. At first, when I found out about my color vision problem I lost hope about any job of my expectation. However, You changed that and therefore you changed me for the better.

Thanks again for your dedication!


“The thoroughness of your diagnosis surpassed anything I had experienced before with respect to my vision. This combined with your extensive research of existing color corrective options resulted in the improvement in comfort and quality of my corrective color vision.”

“I can’t thank you enough for your thorough evaluation, prescriptions and hospitality. Having the contact color correcting lenses available enabled me to enjoy my greatest art museum visit ever. The lenses are a significant improvement, and my newest paintings attest to this.”

Since 1975, we’ve helped thousands of color blind people from 53 countries around the globe pass their color vision test with our proprietary ColorCorrection system.

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