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Farnsworth Lantern Optec 900 Color Blind Test

The Farnsworth Lantern Optec 900 Color Blind Test:
An Essential Tool for Color Vision Testing in the Aviation Industry

Color vision plays a crucial role in various professions, particularly in fields like aviation, where accurate color discrimination is essential for safety and efficient performance. One widely recognized tool used for assessing color vision is the Farnsworth Lantern, also known as the Optec 900 Color Blind Test. Colormax.org is proud to offer this test and we have been providing effective treatment for color blindness since 1999 through our Color Correction System™.

Farnsworth D15

Who Takes the Test and Why?

The Farnsworth Lantern | Optec 900 Color Blind Test is commonly administered to individuals seeking careers in the aviation industry, such as pilots, air traffic controllers, and aircraft maintenance personnel. The test is designed to identify any deficiencies in color vision that could potentially affect their ability to perform critical tasks involving color differentiation accurately. By undergoing this test, candidates can determine their color vision status and take necessary steps to address any issues that may arise.

What Do the Optec 900 & Farnsworth Lantern Test?

The Optec 900 Color Blind Test utilizes the Farnsworth Lantern, a device that presents a series of colored lights in different arrangements to the test taker. The individual undergoing the test must identify the sequence of the displayed lights based on their color. The test measures the individual’s ability to accurately distinguish between various hues, thereby assessing their color vision capabilities. The Optec 900 provides precise and standardized results, allowing professionals in the aviation industry to make informed decisions regarding an individual’s suitability for color-dependent tasks.

Utilization in the Aviation Industry

The aviation industry places significant importance on color vision testing due to the critical role it plays in ensuring safe operations. The Farnsworth Lantern | Optec 900 Color Blind Test is widely utilized by aviation authorities and organizations as a reliable assessment tool. Pilots, air traffic controllers, and other aviation personnel undergo this test as part of the comprehensive medical evaluation process. By ensuring that individuals possess normal color vision, the industry maintains the highest standards of safety and performance.

Colormax.org: Offering the Farnsworth Lantern | Optec 900 Color Blind Test
At colormax.org, we understand the importance of accurate color vision testing and offer the Farnsworth Lantern | Optec 900 Color Blind Test at our office. Our team of experts utilizes this advanced test to assess color vision capabilities and provide accurate results. We are committed to assisting individuals pursuing careers in aviation and other color-dependent fields by offering comprehensive color vision assessments.

Treatment for Color Blindness

Colormax.org has been at the forefront of providing effective treatment for color blindness through our innovative Color Correction System™. We are proud to report a 100% success rate, with all our patients being able to pass the Ishihara Color Plate Test after undergoing our treatment. The Farnsworth Lantern Optec 900 Color Blind Test is just one of the tools we employ to ensure accurate color vision assessment and provide individuals with the opportunity to overcome color vision deficiencies and pursue their desired careers with confidence.

The ColorCorrection System uses an advanced combination of unique tests and filters to determine the exact wavelength of light to design customized ColorCorrective lenses. This treatment has helped people enhance their lives and careers – electricians, law enforcement officers, firefighters, military personnel, graphic artists, boat captains, and railroad engineers. Dr. Azman’s color vision treatment has been enhancing lives across the globe!

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