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About doctor

treatment for colorblindness

Dr Thomas Azman

School of Optometry from the University of Alabama Medical Center Dr Thomas Azman, graduates receive a doctorate from the University of Maryland. Private practice since 1975, he is engaged in the diagnosis, treatment and management of color blindness or lack of color and color vision correction.


  • Participate in Special Olympics vision screening program (2004-2005)
  • Private general practice optometry. Color vision, laser vision correction, contact lenses and low vision of particular interest. (1975-present)
  • Doctors of Optometry. In Birmingham, University of Alabama
  • Medical Center, school of Optometry. (1975)
  • Bachelor, physiological optics, optometry in Birmingham, University of Alabama Medical Center school. (1974)
  • In optometry at the University of Alabama at Birmingham medical school. (1972-1975)
  • Bachelor of science in psychology. The University of Maryland, College Park. (1970)

Professional organizations

  • United States Association of Ophthalmology
  • Low vision section of the agreement on agriculture
  • Contact lens section of the agreement on agriculture
  • Sports vision version of the agreement on agriculture
  • Physicians with heart program
  • National Eye Research Foundation
  • National Institute of physical education Visual Interlens
  • Dundalk Chamber of Commerce
  • Business Services Bureau
  • The University of Alabama National Alumni Association Charter members


  • From optometric continuing education award
  • United States Association of Optometry (1981)
  • From the United States Congress, Parrin J.Mitchell certificate of appreciation. (1986)
  • Thank you for outstanding community service and health Shoppe glaucoma screening program certificate. (1983)
  • Barbara a. Mikulski, Member certificate of appreciation
  • Congress, District 3, MD (1984)
  • From the Church to the Hospital (1986), a certificate of appreciation
  • From the United States Congress, Parrin J.Mitchell certificate of appreciation. (1986)
  • Bausch and excellent clinical research award (1992)
  • In the United States selected as a 20/20 best and brightest (1993) one of the 34 nominated

Clinical study on

  • Bausch and London: 1991-2006
  • Polymer technology: 1991-2003
  • Ciba: since 1995-2006
  • Vision Pharma: since 1994-200
  • Varilux: since 1994
  • Johnson and Johnson: since 1995-2003
  • Foresight strategies, Inc.:1999-2004 year
  • World optical-2003
  • Eagle eye-2002-2003


  • In PRK and LASIK surgery pre and post management system.
  • Bochner Eye Institute (1994)
  • Class Laser Center (1994)
  • Summit on optometric clinical affiliates at Ohio State University (1994)
  • London place eye Center Don Johnson (1995)
  • Lighthouse Eye Institute (1995)
  • Cliniques Michel Pop (1995)
  • Insight into the precise refractive surgery (1995)
  • Kremer laser eye Center (1995)
  • Laservue-Canada (1995)
  • John ยท Sponsored by the Johns Hopkins University School of medicine in perspective (1996)
  • Omni eye specialists (1996)

Scholarship Fund

Create a permanent contact lenses and dry eye Research Scholarship Fund

  • The University of Alabama, school of Optometry
  • The University of Illinois College of Optometry