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treatment for colorblindness

Dr Thomas Azman

Dr. Azman received his undergraduate degree from the University of Maryland in College Park, Maryland and his Doctor of Optometry degree from the University of Alabama, School of Optometry, The Medical Center in Birmingham, Alabama in 1975. In private practice since 1975, he is engaged in the diagnosis, treatment and management of color blindness or lack of color and color vision correction.


  • Participate in Special Olympics vision screening program (2004-2005)
  • Private general practice optometry. Color vision, laser vision correction, contact lenses and low vision of particular interest. (1975-present)
  • Doctors of Optometry. In Birmingham, University of Alabama
  • Medical Center, School of Optometry. (1975)
  • Bachelor, physiological optics, optometry in Birmingham, University of Alabama Medical Center school. (1974)
  • In optometry at the University of Alabama at Birmingham medical school. (1972-1975)
  • Bachelor of science in psychology. The University of Maryland, College Park. (1970)

Professional organizations

  • United States Association of Ophthalmology
  • Low vision section of the agreement on agriculture
  • Contact lens section of the agreement on agriculture
  • Sports vision version of the agreement on agriculture
  • Physicians with heart program
  • National Eye Research Foundation
  • National Institute of physical education Visual Interlens
  • Dundalk Chamber of Commerce
  • Business Services Bureau
  • The University of Alabama National Alumni Association Charter members


  • From optometric continuing education award
  • United States Association of Optometry (1981)
  • From the United States Congress, Parrin J.Mitchell certificate of appreciation. (1986)
  • Thank you for outstanding community service and health Shoppe glaucoma screening program certificate. (1983)
  • Barbara a. Mikulski, Member certificate of appreciation
  • Congress, District 3, MD (1984)
  • From the Church to the Hospital (1986), a certificate of appreciation
  • From the United States Congress, Parrin J.Mitchell certificate of appreciation. (1986)
  • Bausch and excellent clinical research award (1992)
  • In the United States selected as a 20/20 best and brightest (1993) one of the 34 nominated

Clinical study on

  • Bausch and London: 1991-2006
  • Polymer technology: 1991-2003
  • Ciba: since 1995-2006
  • Vision Pharma: since 1994-200
  • Varilux: since 1994
  • Johnson and Johnson: since 1995-2003
  • Foresight strategies, Inc.:1999-2004 year
  • World optical-2003
  • Eagle eye-2002-2003


  • In PRK and LASIK surgery pre and post management system.
  • Bochner Eye Institute (1994)
  • Class Laser Center (1994)
  • Summit on optometric clinical affiliates at Ohio State University (1994)
  • London place eye Center Don Johnson (1995)
  • Lighthouse Eye Institute (1995)
  • Cliniques Michel Pop (1995)
  • Insight into the precise refractive surgery (1995)
  • Kremer laser eye Center (1995)
  • Laservue-Canada (1995)
  • John · Sponsored by the Johns Hopkins University School of medicine in perspective (1996)
  • Omni eye specialists (1996)

Scholarship Fund

Create a permanent contact lenses and dry eye Research Scholarship Fund

  • The University of Alabama, school of Optometry
  • The University of Illinois College of Optometry