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Color Blindness Treatment

Breakthrough Technology
Customized Contact Lenses and Glasses for Color Vision Correction

Color Blindness Correction

People who suffer from color blindness still have the opportunity to see the world in vibrant, accurate shades of color, thanks to Dr. Azman’s innovative ColorCorrection™ System for Color Blindness Correction

This unique system of tests and filters provides a systematic approach to color blindness correction, and it is only offered at Global Complex Eye Care, located near Baltimore, Maryland. Because of that, Dr. Azman frequently travels worldwide to treat his patients, and people come from far and wide to take advantage of his services and expertise.

Treatment for Color Blindness Correction | The ColorCorrection System™

Color Blindness Correction

The ColorCorrection examination consists of only one visit which includes a comprehensive color vision evaluation and examination. This process takes about eight hours on average and is done in one visit.

The ColorCorrection process starts with a complete comprehensive eye exam and over twenty-five different color vision tests. Then Dr. Azman and his color vision correction system get to work. Based on the information gathered about your specific color vision deficiency, individualized filters and lenses are designed that can be worn as color blind contact lenses or color blind corrective glasses. These filters change the wavelength of each color that goes into your eyes, effectively enabling you to see the world with more colors.

Why do some people need treatment for color blindness?

There are many occupations that restrict colorblind people from joining them due to safety precautions and concerns. Some of these career paths include firefighters, railroad engineers, police officers, military personnel, Coast Guard officers, pilots, and more. In order to be able to serve in one of these positions, people are required to pass the Ishihara color blind test or a similar color vision test.

With the help of Dr. Azman’s color vision correction system, these people can overcome their color blindness and pursue a career that was previously off-limits.

Learn more about the ColorCorrection™ System or request a consultation by contacting us today.

Over 4 Decades of Helping Patients Pursue Their Dreams
Medical researcher ● Homeland security ● Pilot ● Law enforcement ● Air national guard ● Air force navigator ● Police department ● Naval medical officer ● Photographer ● Railroad supervisor ● Riverboat licensed mate ● Civil service ● Control room operator ● Corrections officer ● Power plant Operations Chief ● Cavalry officer ● Coastguard ● Professional artist ●

“I want to thank you gratefully on giving me a perfect opportunity to pass my color vision test. The contacts were a success and therefore, I passed my full medical exam. “

Thomas H.

“Thank you so much for working with me on the color vision correction procedure. I passed my color vision test with no problems and I can now pursue my goal of becoming a Cavalry Officer.”

Justin H.

“I feel the examination and evaluation I received was far more advanced than any I had previously received anywhere before. It was quite amazing to see colors in a whole new perspective… Thanks to you I am becoming very successful in my job.”


“If not for the consultation and endless communication and support from Dr. Azman, I highly doubt i would have obtained my career position.”

Mark R.

“I just wanted to let you know that I successfully passed the standard 14-plate Ishihara test at an occupational medicine facility with the color-correct lenses and this paved the way for a railroad supervisory position with a salary of over $60,000.”


“…I contacted Dr. Azman and suddenly my dreams were restored of going to college without financial struggles and getting back on path to commissioning into the US Navy as an officer. Since receiving treatment, I have received a medical waiver and college -bound knowing that whatever medical exams I’m given, color deficiency won’t be an issue.”


“I traveled from Australia to Dr. Azman. In a nutshell, outstanding service all around, delivered on his promise. The result is continued employment in my field. Thank you Dr. Azman and staff for everything.”

Nick M. - Australia

“It is finally fall again here in the blue ridge mountains and with that comes the colored leaves. It is truly the first fall I have seen! Magnificent yellows and oranges and reds I have never been able to see before. It has been a huge blessing to me to be able to have these glasses!”

Abraham V. - Richmond, VA

“Thank you for helping me with my color vision issue. I truly appreciate you fitting me into your schedule on such short notice and it is wonderful to see color! “

Larry C. - Sioux Falls, SD

“I have no words to express how happy I am, you have changed my life and so many others giving us the opportunity to actually see what heavenly father creates for us to live, blessing us with people like you. One of the most amazing experiences that I ever have in my life. You and your team are amazing! Please say thank you to each one of them. I will definitely share with you my process with the POLICE DEPARTMENT.”

Juan - Houston, Texas

“This has been a true life changing event. I am able to see things in color that I haven’t seen in 45 years of life. I am learning new colors and seeing new details in objects at every glance. I wish I had done this much sooner, but I am thankful for being able to experience it now.

I also wanted to praise you and your staff. Everyone made me feel welcome and treated me as if I was a part of the family. Mrs. Joanne is a special lady with a lot of patience and she truly cares about helping others.”


Vincent G. – Houston, TX

Thank you so much for all you do. You have given now hope for my test when no one else could. Thank you honestly for today and just taking the time to talk and make me feel comforted and allowing me this opportunity for a career I dreamed of. You do so many great things for not just people like me but for others with vision deficits. You are true pioneer of the optometrist profession and a true pioneer in giving people hope and I greatly appreciate you and your time. Thank you sincerely!

J.C. - Los Angeles, CA

“Dear Doctor, Thank you very much for your kindness and professional help that make me see the colors in the real world.”

KT - Houston, Texas