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Treatment For Color Blind Coast Guard Personnel


The Coast Guard’s enduring roles are maritime safety, security, and stewardship. In order to complete the tasks associated with these roles, these men and women must be able to quickly and accurately identify potential threats. In cases where this requires them to see colors correctly, a Coast Guard officer with a color vision deficiency would not be able to effectively do his or her job.

As Coast Guard officers are patrolling the seas, they may be required to identify suspects of wrongdoing based on the color of their eyes, hair, clothing, and other similar distinguishing factors. If they have a color vision deficiency, this important part of their job could be impossible to do. There are also a multitude of symbols, signs, markers, maps and other signals that Coast Guard officers must be able to quickly identify and evaluate, which requires them to accurately see colors.

Before someone can become a member of the Coast Guard, he or she must pass a series of physical tests and requirements, one of which is the Ishihara Color Vision Test, or one of the other exams that are almost identical to it.

If you suffer from color deficient vision but want to pursue a career (or continue your current career) in the Coast Guard, we are here to help. Our ColorCorrection™ System works by designing customized color corrective soft contact lenses or eyeglasses. These customized lenses correct patients’ individual color blindness issues and allow them to walk away feeling confident in their color vision. In fact, our patients have a 100% success rate passing the Ishihara color vision test.

We are proud to be able to assist the men and women who are dedicated to serving our country in these important roles. Our color blindness treatment is the key to helping people overcome their color vision deficiency and pursue the career of their dreams.

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