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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn about Colormax.org's Color Corrective Lenses for Color Blindness

Colormax.org's FAQ: Your Questions Answered

Welcome to the ColorMax.org FAQ section. Here, we provide answers to the most commonly asked questions about our color vision correction services, including our custom lenses, ColorCorrection process, and how we can help you pass your color blind test. Explore our FAQs to learn more about how we can transform your color vision experience.

What is The ColorCorrection System™?

Developed in 1999, the ColorCorrection System™ is a unique customized system of tests and filters for a systematic approach to color vision correction. With the ColorCorrection System, we can design customized lenses for color blindness as soft contact lenses or eyeglasses.

Are There Contact Lenses for Color Blindness?

Yes. Colormax.org’s ColorCorrection System™ designs customized color corrective contact lenses that will not only enhance and correct for your color vision but also guarantee to pass the Ishihara blind test.

Are There Glasses for Color Blindness?

Yes. With Colormax.org’s ColorCorrection System™ we design customized color-corrective color blind glasses that will allow you to see the colors of the world and also guarantee to pass the Ishihara blind test.

Will I be able Pass a Color Vision Test?

Yes. With our ColorCorrection System™, Dr. Azman has been 100% Successful – since 1999 every patient has successfully passed the Ishihara Color Plate Test – the international gold standard.

Who Can Benefit from Color Corrective Lenses?

Anyone who has been diagnosed as “color blind”, “color deficient”, “color confused”, Deuteranopia, Red-Green color blindness, Tritanopia, or Blue-Yellow color blindness can benefit from our color corrective lenses. For many people this improvement can be dramatic and life-changing: even the colors they normally identify correctly may seem brighter, richer, and more vivid, at the same time they may perceive other shades and colors for the first time.

Color blind adults at work: Color Corrective Lenses help colorblind people in occupational fields such as law enforcement, military, aviation, railroad, maritime, electricians/electronics, graphic and fine arts, computers, engineering, and many other industries.

Colorblind Children & Teens: Color-Corrective Lenses reduce academic challenges colorblind children experience at school when faced with color-coded learning and teaching materials such as maps, graphs, blocks, and crayons.

Colorblind People in Day-to-Day Activities: Color-Corrective Lenses improve the quality of sports and recreational activities and enhance the enjoyment of the arts, media, and natural environment.

How Can I Get Color Blind Lenses?

The ColorCorrection System™ color blind lenses are only available at Colormax.org. Contact us to schedule your consultation.

How many visits will I need?

The ColorCorrection System™ examination consists of only one visit and is an all-day process, roughly 8 hours.

How long does it take to get the color vision lenses?

The customized color corrective contact lenses will be ready and available by the end of the appointment so you can go home with them.

Where are we located?

Our main office is located in Baltimore, Maryland, but we have has access to locations throughout the country, including California, Texas, Illinois, Florida, and New York. No matter where you are located, we can provide you with treatment for color blindness!

Do I have to travel to the Baltimore, Maryland office?

A majority of our color vision patients are seen in our main office in Baltimore, Maryland. However special arrangements can be made for you to be seen in any city, state, or country.

What are color blind people saying about Colormax.org?

“Thank you gratefully for giving me a perfect opportunity to pass my color vision test. The contacts were a success and therefore, I passed my full medical exam. “

“If not for the consultation and endless communication and support from Dr. Azman, I highly doubt I would have obtained my career position.”

“I just wanted to let you know that I successfully passed the standard 14-plate Ishihara test at an occupational medicine facility with the color-correct lenses and this paved the way for a railroad supervisory position with a salary of over $60,000.”

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