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Dvorine Color Blind Test

What is the Dvorine Color Blind Test?

The Dvorine color blind test is one of several tests that determine if an individual has a color vision deficiency. It is a simple and straightforward test. The Ishihara Test is most similar to the Dvorine and slightly more well-known. The key difference is that the Ishihara Test uses fewer color plates and requires fewer errors in order to pass. The Dvorine Blind Test is considered somewhat easier to pass than the Ishihara Test.

What is Involved in Taking the Dvorine Color Blind Test?

The Dvorine Blind Test consists of a set of fifteen pseudo-isochromatic plates. Each plate consists of a kaleidoscope image of multicolored dots of varying sizes with a faint image, usually a number or letter, hidden within the plate. The image is constructed of all of the same colored dots. The task of the test taker is to determine correctly what image is represented on each plate. A maximum of seven errors is allowed during the test before failure. It is presumed that a colorblind individual would be unable to distinguish one kind of dot from another and would thus be unable to distinguish the image on the plate.

Who is Required to Take the Dvorine Blind Test?

There are multiple professional careers that require a test for colorblindness. In all of these careers colorblindness is an automatic disqualification from that career choice. The most well know careers in this category are those in aviation and military. Potential pilots must be able to distinguish various light guides on runways and from ground-control crews as well as cockpit indicator and display lights. Potential military personnel may need to distinguish indicator lights in a wide variety of combat and non-combat situations. Any position that requires the worker to distinguish between multicolored light sources may require a colorblindness test, such as the Dvorine blind test, to be passed by the applicant.

Why Would Someone Take the Dvorine Blind Test?

Unless an individual is simply curious about their possible color blindness, the vast majority of tests are taken at the request of potential employers.

Treatment is Available

Color blindness no longer needs to be a detriment to pursuing a career goal. The ColorCorrection System is one of the few systems which helps a colorblind individual to pass the Dvorine and similar tests. After a comprehensive assessment of a person’s specific sight deficiencies, a set of color-correcting contacts or glasses is created to allow the person to see more colors. This is almost exactly like wearing a set of regular prescription lenses except it corrects color blindness instead of eyesight acuity.

Contact us today if you are interested in getting treatment for your color blindness, so that you can pass the Dvorine Blind Test!