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Pseudoisochromatic Plates

A term frequently used to describe color blind tests, like the Ishihara Color Vision Test is ” pseudoisochromatic plates .” This alludes to some of the colored dots in a pattern that at first seem to be the same (equal-“iso”) in color (“chromatic”) with surrounding pattern. However, it is not (false-“pseudo”), as the difference exists for a person with normal color vision, and the “hidden” number is visible within the array of dots.


Since the introduction of the Ishihara Color Vision Test, many companies have developed similar color blind tests using pseudoisochromatic plates – Dvornie Color Blind Test, Ishihara Color Plate Test, and HRR Pseudoisochromatic Plates.

Treatment for Colorblindness

Dr. Thomas Azman, a world renowned color vision specialist, has created the ColorCorrection System. This advanced combination of unique tests and filters for color blindness can determine the exact wavelength of light to provide enhanced color vision.

Since 1999 The Color Correction System™ has a 100% success rate with all patients being able to pass the Pseudoisochromatic Ishihara Color Plate Test.

This treatment has helped people enhance their lives and careers – electricians, law enforcement officers, firefighters, military personnel, graphic artists, boat captains, and railroad engineers. Dr. Azman’s color vision treatment has been enhancing lives across the globe!

Read testimonials from real patients regarding their experience with our color blindness treatment.

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