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Color Blind Electricians

Treatment for Color Blind Electricians

The ability to accurately see colors is essential for electricians, people in the telephony and IT industry. In most cases, electricians must identify wires based on colors and selecting the wrong wire can be dangerous or even fatal. For these reasons, we have several patients from the electrician profession who are taking advantage of our ColorCorrection System. With color corrective lenses it allows them to continue working in the field that they were trained to become experts in.

color blind electricians

Color blindness isn’t something we notice at birth. In fact, many people don’t realize they suffer from it until later on in life. We make sure people’s lives are not stopped in their tracks because they have been diagnosed with a color vision deficiency and have been told they are unable to work anymore. We designed and customize color corrective contact lenses and glasses that allow people to resume with their everyday lives. Electricians are able to return to work and ensure their employers that they can be safe and efficient on the job despite being colorblind.

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