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Color Blindness Treatment For for Engineers

Color Blind Engineers

Engineers are involved with all kinds of projects that allow them to use their talents to build structures, machines, devices, systems, materials and processes. Whether you want to be a chemical, civil, electrical or mechanical engineer, you are going to be put in situations in which accurately identifying colors is key.

This could involve working with colored wiring, being able to differentiate wires instantly for safety reasons, reading complex floor plans and layouts that have color-specific symbols, and much more. That’s why many engineering professionals are required to pass the Ishihara color blind test, or a similar exam that has the same requirements, before they can practice in the field.

The most frustrating part about this is that color blindness does not always occur at birth. Some people develop it over time. This can result in people who have been engineers all their life suddenly being unable to do their job effectively.

If you suffer from a color vision deficiency but still want to pursue a career as an engineer, we are here to help. Your color blindness does not have to stop you from achieving your professional goals. Our ColorCorrection™ System is designed to help color blind engineers gain the confidence they need to pass a color blind test and become an engineer. In other words, we offer an actual treatment for color blindness.

The process is simple. After evaluating your eyes, we will design customized individually filters and insert them in eyeglasses or soft contact lenses. You can then wear these glasses or contact lenses and your eyes will function as if your colorblindness does not exist. It is a painless and simple process, and it is well worth it for professionals who are dedicated to the field of engineering.

We have a 100% success rate with our patients passing the Ishihara color blind test, which is the international gold standard.

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