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Life Without Color

Life Without Color Trailer #1 | Watch the full film on YouTube.

Released in 2017, Life Without Color is a documentary film about color-blindness and the human condition. Colorblindness can rob you of a great passion in your life, but there is something you can do. Not everyone will have this chance, as glory is saved for those who don’t give up. Dr. Azman and the ColorCorrection System were honored to be featured in the film.

In 2015 independent filmmaker Robb Jacobson turned to the Internet to raise funds for his first feature film project, Life Without Color , a documentary that follows the lives of color-blind people, showing their struggles to achieve their dreams, in an attempt to help them.

Jacobson’s film Life Without Color, showcases those who are radically affected by color-blindness. A feature-length documentary, Life Without Color uses stories told from people who have lost their jobs or worse due to their condition, as well as re-enactments to bring the viewer into a world only some of us can see. Our world is dependent on uniformly perfect color vision, and when some can’t meet the standard, a great emotional rift is often created. There are some who may be able to help, but not all will have this hand extended to them, leaving them to carve out a spot in life for themselves.

When asked about what people can gain from a film about color-blindness, Jacobson noted, “Not everyone is affected by color-blindness, but EVERYONE can connect to facing great obstacles in life. Opportunities are not distributed fairly, and it can be a great inspiration to see how some people overcome great loss to find the one thing they value most. This film is about color-blindness and the human condition, showing that glory is saved for those who don’t give up.”