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Pass a Color Blind Test in New York

Treatment for Colorblindness
For people living in New York who are struggling with color blindness and need to pass a pass a color blind test in New York, new hope is available. Colormax.org’s New York office on the 23rd floor of 165 Broadway offers a solution to color blindness featuring the innovative work of Dr. Thomas Azman. Dr. Azman’s ColorCorrection System™ offers customized ColorCorrect Lenses that correct color blindness, help individuals see a full line of colors, and is guaranteed for passing the Ishihara color plate test. Usable both indoors and outdoors, the ColorCorrection System™ can be designed as glasses and contact lenses, without a prescription. The ColorCorrection System™ is a customized solution and an effective way to treat color blindness, pass a color vision test, and it’s now available conveniently in New York City.

Are you suffering from color blindness? Do you need to pass a color vision test? Schedule a consultation with the Colormax team today!

How Does the ColorCorrect System™ Work?
Dr. Azman’s ColorCorrection System™ uses special tests and filters to determine the exact wavelength that prevents an individual from seeing colors properly. This process starts with an office visit where Dr. Azman and his team perform a comprehensive color vision evaluation. This process, which can take around eight hours, uses 25 different color vision tests to determine exactly where an individual’s deficiency lies.
How to Pass a Colorblindness Test in New York City
Once all of the tests are complete, Dr. Azman uses the information to design custom filters and lenses that overcome the color blindness, allow you to see a full range of colors, and you will be able to pass the Ishihara color blind test without a doubt. This customized approach is highly effective at allowing people to see colors properly and has a 100% success rate since 1999.

Why Color Blindness Treatment in New York is Important
Color blindness is more than just an annoyance. While many people live with a measure of color blindness without a problem, others find that this condition limits them significantly. In many occupations the ability to decipher colors is critical. Safety workers, firefighters, pilots and even members of the military must be able to see colors to effectively do their jobs, and the color vision correction system from Dr. Azman provides a true solution to this common problem.

About Dr. Azman
Dr. Thomas Azman has been working in the ophthalmic field since 1975. Over his many decades in practice, he has developed a passion for helping people who suffer from low vision and color blindness issues. He designed the ColorCorrection System™ and works with people suffering from low vision problems to help them restore their sight.

If you struggle with color blindness, and need to pass a color blind test, hope is available. Make an appointment at our New York office to learn more about the ColorCorrection System™.

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Dr. Azman’s ColorCorrection System™ is the leading way to treat color blindness and has a 100% success rate for passing the Ishihara color vision test since 1999. If colorblindness affects your ability to work or enjoy life, reach out to our New York City office for help. With the ColorCorrection System™ from Colormax, you can see a full range of colors, pass a color blindness test, and enjoy a rewarding life and career.

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