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Scientific discoveries continue to pave way for a better future and allow us to live fuller and richer lives.

One doctor, Dr. Thomas Azman, set his sights on finding a color blind treatment, and was able to do so by combining his expertise in medicine, science & technology, and developed the ColorCorrection System.

Currently, Dr. Azman’s ColorCorrection System is the world’s only color guaranteed treatment for color blindness. It involves changing the wavelength of each color going into human eyes through filters. These filters can be worn as either contact lenses or glasses. They allow people who suffer from color blind deficiencies to see the world from an entirely new perspective – enabling them to see the different hues of a sunset or know a red rose when they see one.

While it’s beyond important to have a color blind treatment for aesthetic purposes, Dr. Azman’s ColorCorrection System serves a legitimate professional purpose as well. People who suffer from even the slightest color deficiencies can lose their jobs if asked to take an Ishihara Color Test. This is a way that many employers, such as law enforcement agencies, electrical companies, railroad businesses and even the military, test color vision of employees or job candidates.

Dr. Azman’s ColorCorrection System is the world’s only guaranteed color blind treatment that can ensure the passing of the Ishihara Color Test. As a result, people who suffer from color blindness from all over the world travel to his office to receive his groundbreaking treatment.

If you suffer from color blindness don’t let it stand in your way. Contact Dr. Azman’s office to see how his ColorCorrection System can help change your life.

November 1, 2004

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