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Color Blindness, or a person who can only see shades of gray, is extremely rare. However, a person with any type of difficulty seeing color, whether it be one or two specific colors in the totality of shades or hues or intensities of those colors, are deemed to be color blind.
Persons with color blindness experience difficulties in daily life, early learning and development, education, choice of careers, and work performance. For some, there are treatments, optical devices, visual aids, and technology apps that can allow them to live better with their color deficiency.

Documentary on Color Blindness: Life Without Color

Released in 2017, Life Without Color is a documentary film about color-blindness and the human condition. Colorblindness can rob you of a great passion in your life, but there is something you can do. Not everyone will have this chance, as glory is saved for those who don’t give up. Dr. Azman and the ColorCorrection System were honored to be featured in the film.

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