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Color Blind Contacts in New York

Contact Lenses for Color Blindness in New York

Contacts For Color Blindness: If you suffer from color blindness that is affecting your ability to obtain your dream job or licensing, then Colormax has the solution for you.

The ColorCorrection System™ is the world’s first only color blindness “treatment” with a 100% success rate for passing the Ishihara Color Plate Test. By designing, customized color blind contacts, which use filters to change the wavelength of light for each color that goes into your eyes. These lenses are designed uniquely for each individual and can be designed as color blind glasses or color blind contacts (Contact Lenses For Color Blindness).

Contact lenses for color blindness are the most common choice for many patients, even for those who have never worn lenses before.

If you’re nervous to undergo an eye correction procedure, rest assure that the ColorCorrection System™ is as simple and painless as it gets.

Color Blind Contacts at Work

New York Police officers (NYPD), firefighters (NYFD), people in and preparing to join the Air Force or U.S. MilitaryMEPs, pilots/aviation industry, maritime/merchant marine, railroad, and many others require good color vision. There are a lot of kids that aim for one of these professions, only to figure out after much time and also a financial investment that they have a color deficiency – color blindness.


Disappointing, to say the least! This is just one of the many reasons that youngsters ought to go through a thorough eye exam and not just a vision screening at school or at the pediatrician’s office. The ColorCorrection Systems designs color blind lenses to enhance and correct for color vision, which also allows one to pass these work-related color vision tests.  By designing customized color blind contacts, at the exact wavelength of light for each individual eye. Wearing our color-blind contacts allows you to see the colors and what is intended throughout the color vision test – Passing the color vision test.

Color Blind Contacts at Work

Those affected by Color Blindness have been given a new opportunity to see the world as others see it. The ColorCorrection System has been correcting color blindness since 1999 and can help you pass color vision tests!

The ColorCorrective color blind contacts can not only enhance and correct your color vision but can guarantee you to pass the Ishihara Color Plate Test. Additionally, they can help with, Farnsworth Lantern Test (FALANT), Farnsworth D-15 Test,  Farnsworth-Munsell 100 Hue Color Vision Test, Rabin Cone Contrast Test (RCCT), and other color blindness screening procedures.

Contact us if your career requires a color vision test or the need for true color. Colormax specializes in helping you resolve and “cure” color blindness. Allowing you the opportunity for these jobs and has a 100% success rate since 1999. For more information about how we can help you with color vision deficiency Contact Colormax for a free phone consultation. Learn how Color Blind Contacts can improve your life!

The ColorCorrection System utilizes color blind contacts for color blindness that are as effective and comfortable as your day-to-day contacts. These contact lenses work the same way as the glasses by altering the color wavelengths to remove the color deficiency. Color blind contacts are the most effective option for color vision deficiency in adults, teens, and children.

What's the difference between color blindness, color deficiency, and color confusion?

Achromatopsia or full-color blindness is exceptionally rare. Only about 1 in 30,000 have achromatopsia.  A lot of people believe they are “color-blind”, but are actually color confused, and have a color deficiency. Color deficiency is common, impacting 1 in every 14 men. Hereditary color deficiencies are linked to the X-chromosome. People lacking color vision still have shade perception. They will assign a name to each hue. They will certainly commonly name tones in a different way contrasted to someone with “regular” color vision. The ColorCorrection System color blind lenses are for those with all types of color deficiencies.

Identifying Color Blindness
One of the most standard tests for color blindness is the Ishihara Plate color blind test. The patient has a collection of 38 circles comprised of tinted dots. Each circle has a shape (normally a number). Some are designed to be spotted by an individual with normal color vision, while others will just be clear to a person with color blindness. This test can help an eye care specialist identify if the patient has CVD, Color Vision Deficiency.

Color Vision Deficiency screenings are particularly important for young kids, as well as adults. While there is no therapy to cure the problem, recognizing that a child can not see shades correctly is useful for their school and work experience.

There are some specialized examinations to determine if an individual with color blindness can execute the tasks for a job. The Farnsworth Lantern Examination recognizes whether an individual can distinguish between the lights utilized for security purposes in aeronautics and also other types of transportation. In recent times an extra customized examination has actually made it feasible for some color-blind people to end up being pilots.

Living With Color Blindness

Genetic color blindness can not be cured. However, people with Color Vision Deficiency can make use of coping strategies to make up for their problem. An individual with typical color blindness can immediately tell if a traffic light is red, yellow, or green. A person with red-green color blindness may need to take added precautions to know whether they can continue or otherwise. A light on a tool that can be either red or environment-friendly can be extremely irritating for a color-blind individual. They additionally, may require to create alternate strategies for everyday tasks– such as merely determining whether an item of meat has actually been cooked sufficiently– they can not see just how red it is! Ultimately, many people have color blindness, and some may have some struggles.

Pass a Color Blind Test in New York | Treatment for Colorblindness
There is hope for people living in New York who are struggling with color blindness and the need to pass a color blind test. Colormax.org’s New York office on the 23rd floor of 165 Broadway offers a solution to color blindness featuring the innovative work of Dr. Thomas Azman. Dr. Azman’s ColorCorrection System™ offers customized ColorCorrect Lenses that correct color blindness, help individuals see a full line of colors, and is guaranteed for passing the Ishihara color plate test. Usable both indoors and outdoors, the ColorCorrection System™ can be designed as glasses and color blind contacts, with or without a prescription. The ColorCorrection System™ is a customized solution and an effective way to treat color blindness, pass a color vision test, and it’s now available conveniently in New York City.

For more information on color blind contacts and passing a color blind test in New York contact us today!

“I want to thank you gratefully on giving me a perfect opportunity to pass my color vision test. The contacts were a success and therefore, I passed my full medical exam. “

Thomas H.

“Thank you so much for working with me on the color vision correction procedure. I passed my color vision test with no problems and I can now pursue my goal of becoming a Cavalry Officer.”

Justin H.

“I feel the examination and evaluation I received was far more advanced than any I had previously received anywhere before. It was quite amazing to see colors in a whole new perspective… Thanks to you I am becoming very successful in my job.”


“If not for the consultation and endless communication and support from Dr. Azman, I highly doubt i would have obtained my career position.”

Mark R.

“I just wanted to let you know that I successfully passed the standard 14-plate Ishihara test at an occupational medicine facility with the color-correct lenses and this paved the way for a railroad supervisory position with a salary of over $60,000.”


“…I contacted Dr. Azman and suddenly my dreams were restored of going to college without financial struggles and getting back on path to commissioning into the US Navy as an officer. Since receiving treatment I’m college -bound knowing that whatever medical exams I’m given, color deficiency won’t be an issue.”


“I traveled from Australia to Dr. Azman. In a nutshell, outstanding service all around, delivered on his promise. The result is continued employment in my field. Thank you Dr. Azman and staff for everything.”

Nick M. - Australia

“It is finally fall again here in the blue ridge mountains and with that comes the colored leaves. It is truly the first fall I have seen! Magnificent yellows and oranges and reds I have never been able to see before. It has been a huge blessing to me to be able to have these glasses!”

Abraham V. - Richmond, VA

“Thank you for helping me with my color vision issue. I truly appreciate you fitting me into your schedule on such short notice and it is wonderful to see color! “

Larry C. - Sioux Falls, SD

“I have no words to express how happy I am, you have changed my life and so many others giving us the opportunity to actually see what heavenly father creates for us to live, blessing us with people like you. One of the most amazing experiences that I ever have in my life. You and your team are amazing! Please say thank you to each one of them. I will definitely share with you my process with the POLICE DEPARTMENT.”

Juan - Houston, Texas

“This has been a true life changing event. I am able to see things in color that I haven’t seen in 45 years of life. I am learning new colors and seeing new details in objects at every glance. I wish I had done this much sooner, but I am thankful for being able to experience it now.

I also wanted to praise you and your staff. Everyone made me feel welcome and treated me as if I was a part of the family. Mrs. Joanne is a special lady with a lot of patience and she truly cares about helping others.”


Vincent G. – Houston, TX

Thank you so much for all you do. You have given now hope for my test when no one else could. Thank you honestly for today and just taking the time to talk and make me feel comforted and allowing me this opportunity for a career I dreamed of. You do so many great things for not just people like me but for others with vision deficits. You are true pioneer of the optometrist profession and a true pioneer in giving people hope and I greatly appreciate you and your time. Thank you sincerely!

J.C. - Los Angeles, CA

“Dear Doctor, Thank you very much for your kindness and professional help that make me see the colors in the real world.”

KT - Houston, Texas


Just a note to express our gratitude to you and your staff for everything you did for us. I tested as scheduled and scored a perfect 100%!!! In all honesty, I was over-prepared for the test. The test was easy.

This procedure has saved a second career for me. And, it’s one I really wanted to keep. Thank you so very much. I’ll be back in two years to prepare for my next physical exam. I plan to bring my wife so she can meet you and perhaps see the world the way I do.

Best regards,

HK - Honolulu, Hawaii

What a life changing experience! I must admit I was a little sceptic when I heard about the colour corrective process offered by Dr Azman, as most people would be when reading about colour corrective lenses. I must say that from the moment I set foot in the Colormax office, all my doubts and fears stayed at the door. Dr Azman is the most amazing and passionate person I have ever had the pleasure of meeting…. the amount of colour you see is just mesmerizing and out of this world. You finally get to see colour and how bright and colourful the world actually is.


I cannot recommend Colormax enough, I am so happy I took the trip to Baltimore. It is definitely a day I will never forget.

Martim C. - Lisbon, Portugal

“Now I am studying medicine and in my second month of clinical rotation! Thanks to your contact lenses!”

Y. P. - Jakarta, Indonesia

“Thank you so much Dr. Azman. You have made a large impact on my life, and I am so blessed to have met you. Thank you for all that you did for my eyes. I will keep in touch with the future progress of my flight career.”

Noah M. Florida

“I am happy to report that I got the job that applied for 11 months ago! It has been a lengthy and arduous screening process, but I made it. I got the job and I know that I would never have had the chance to compete for it if I had not received color vision treatment from you. So I wanted to be sure to tell you about another success story for your portfolio 😁
Thank you for everything. All my best, Mark”

Mark W.