Color Blind

Local Doctor Makes House calls – Even to Bangkok, Thailand

After 30 years, Dr. Thomas Azman, optometrist, is still on the go. Dr. Tom, as he has come to be known, not only sees patients at the Azman Eye Care Specialists offices, he also makes house calls. He takes his practice to people who can’t come to the office; people in wheelchairs, people who are bedridden and house-bound people who would not otherwise receive a comprehensive eye exam. As he says, “Whatever it takes.” Helping people is his passion.

treatment for colorblindness
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Scientific discoveries continue to pave way for a better future and allow us to live fuller and richer lives.

One doctor, Dr. Thomas Azman, set his sights on finding a color blind treatment, and was able to do so by combining his expertise in medicine, science & technology, and developed the ColorCorrection System.

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